C-R Companies

C-R Companies is a group of Family owned companies that the Cecchini-Roosevelt Family runs. Jacob & Miranda own and operate all the companies.

Roosevelt Computer Repair: Founded by Jacob in 2013, the company reflects his commitment to providing efficient and reliable solutions, leveraging his background in technology and passion for customer satisfaction. Jacob’s vision has propelled the business to become a trusted name in the realm of computer repair, with a focus on quality service and prompt problem resolution.

Click Clack Rocks: Have you ever played a tabletop RPG game like D&D? One of the most important pieces that you need to play is the dice. Both Jacob & Miranda have been playing tabletop RPGs for about 10 years and wanted to start creating custom dice.

CR Displays: Jacob received his Fireworks Display Operator Permit on June 6th 2022. He has been shooting Firework shows for the last 2 year Professionally and recreationally for the last 10 years.